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    General Journal Entry

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    Journalise the following transactions:

    1)Roy started a window cleaning business by opening a bank account under the name "Pane Is Our Business" with a deposit of $15,000 from his personal account.

    2)Purchased supplies on account for $1,500.

    3)Billed customers, who have 30 days to pay, a total of $2,600 for window cleaning services

    4)Paid $750 to the local newspaper for a series of ads to be run during the current month to acquaint potential customers with the business.

    5)Charles wrote a business check in the amount of $300 to pay for the cleaning of his swimming pool at home.

    6)Received $800 immediately after finishing cleaning the windows in an office building.

    7)Received $1,200 from a customer previously billed

    8)Wrote a business check in the amount of $250 to pay for supplies previously purchased on credit.

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    1)Dr Cash 15,000
    Cr Capital 15,000

    2)Dr Supplies 1,500
    Cr Accounts Payable 1,500

    3)Dr ...