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Entries for stock dividends

The following account balances appear on the balance sheet of Organic Life Co., Common stock (250,000 shares authorized), $125 par, $17,5000,000: Paid_In Capital in excess of par-common stock, $560,000: and Retained earnings, $75,496,000. The board of directors declared a 3% stock dividend when the market price of the stock was $132 a share. Organic Life Co. reported no income or loss for the current year.

Journalize the entry to record the declaration of the dividend, cpaitalizing an amount equal to market value.

Journalize the entry to record the issuance of the stock certificates.

b. Determine the following amounts before the stock dividend was declared: (1) total paid-in capital, (2) total retained earnings, and (3) total stockholders' equity.

Determine the following amounts after the stock dividend was declared and closing entries were recorded at the end of the year: (1) total paid-in capital (2) total retained earnings and (3) total stockholders' equity.

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