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    Differences between job-order costing and process costing

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    Describe the differences between job-order costing and process costing. Describe the types of situations where each might be used. What characteristics of each process make it most appropriate for these situations?

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    Job order costing is used when the things you make are not all the same. For example, custom homes, shooting movies, or auditing. In businesses where each job or each product line requires different materials, different types or quantities of labor, and different overhead support, job costing permits you to track the cost of each product or batch individually so you know what each is costing ...

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    Your tutorial is 217 words plus three references and explains when job costing is used and when process costing is used. Four characteristics for when job costing is appropriate and four characteristics of when process costing is appropriate are given (in bullet format). This is expandable into a longer response if the student would like to elaborate the bullets into paragraphs.