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    Important information about Equity and Debt: Merck & Co. Inc

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    Examine Merck & Co. Inc, its structure and activities. Then identify two investment projects. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project.

    For each of the two, denote a preferred funding source. If you feel the source is appropriate explain why. Remember to limit your response to the source that YOU think is the most appropriate as you may not have access to the actual source of funding.

    Prioritize your explanation. Include references and a discussion of the main concepts in relations to your choice of funding.

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    Merck & Co. Project Analysis

    First, Merck & Co. is a global health care company which provides innovative health solutions including medicines, vaccines, biological therapies, and consumer and animal products (Merck & Co., 2009, p. 2). Thus projects of the company which require allocation of large resources include the research and development of these innovative health solutions, and distribution and marketing in unchartered markets.
    Second, one of the short term or ...

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    Important information about equity and debt for Merck and Co Inc is examined.