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Compute inventory using LCM and recognize write down


The Almaden Hardware Store sells two distinct types of products, tools and paint products. Information pertaining to its 2007 year-end inventory is as follows:

Inventory Per Unit Designated
By product type Quantity Cost Market

Hammers 100 $ 5.00 $ 5.50
Saws 200 10.00 9.00
Screwdrivers 300 2.00 2.60
Paint products:
1-gallon cans 500 6.00 5.00
Paint brushes 100 4.00 4.50


(a) Determine the balance sheet inventory carrying value at year-end, assuming the LCM rule is applied to 1. individual products, 2. product type, and 3. total inventory.
(b) Assuming that the company recognizes an inventory write-down as a separate income statement item, for each of the LCM applications determine the amount of the loss.

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