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    Choosing LIFO or FIFO for inventory

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    I would like someone to check my math and methodologies related to the following problem and identify any errors in my methodology and thought process. Here is the data:

    Purchased $600,000 in 2000.
    Purchased $3,000,000 during 2001. Operating expenses (excluding management bonuses) are $400,000, and sales are $6,000,000.

    The management compensation agreement provides for incentive bonuses totaling 1% of after-tax income (before bonuses). Taxes are 25%, and accounting a taxable income will be the same.

    The company is undecided about the selection of the LIFO or FIFO inventory methods. For the year ended 2001, ending inventory would be $700,000 and $1,000,000 respectively under LIFO and FIFO.

    1. Evaluate management's incentives to choose FIFO.
    Management will receive a larger bonus using the FIFO methodology. They
    will also show a larger net income that raises their earnings per share.
    2. Evaluate management's incentives to choose LIFO.
    Their taxes will be lower.

    I have attached my calculations, however, I believe there is something wrong with them as it was my understanding from reading my textbook that LIFO creates a lower book income, but cash flows are higher, therefore the reaction in the security market is an increase in the stock price. But according to what I calculated cash flow is not higher. Thanks.

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    What you have done is correct. Purchases in 2000 are $600,000 which you have taken as opening inventory for 2001. That is an assumption to be mentioned and in the absence of ...

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