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    Global Strategy for Ambitious Firms in Asia

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    Please provide your thoughts on 2 of the 4 questions. Also include APA reference and in text citation if possible.

    1. As a CEO, you feel the price war in your industry is killing profits for all firms. However, you have been warned by corporate lawyers not to openly discuss pricing with rivals, whom you know personally (you went to school with them). How would you signal your intentions?

    2. As part of a feint attack, your firm (Firm A) announces that in the next year, it intends to enter Country X where the competitor (Firm B) is very strong. Your firm's real intention is to march into Country Y where Firm B is very weak. There is actually no plan to enter Country X. However, in the process of intentionally trying to "fool" Firm B, customers, suppliers, investors, and the media are also being inadvertently misled. What are the ethical dilemmas here? Do the pros of this action outweigh its cons?

    3. From a resource-based view, what are HTC's unique resources and capabilities?

    4. What are the lessons that ambitious firms in Asia and other emerging economies can draw when they aspire to upgrade their capabilities, become more innovative, and command more respect as OBMs?

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    An organization needs to improve its unique resources and enrich its capabilities to form a global strategy necessary for market expansion. In this context, further discussed are HTC's unique resources and capabilities from a resource-based view.

    The unique resources and capabilities of HTC ensure its success in the telecommunication industry. The unique resources of HTC include its partnership with Microsoft that helped them by providing best hardware for their mobiles. In addition to this, HTC employees possess innovative skills reflected in product designs, which are also a unique resource for them. HTC also partnered with Google and developed the first handset that supported Android ...

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