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    WholeFoods market in China

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    Identify the legal structure of the business, 2 potential market entry strategy for China for a grocery store, example WholeFoods, its legal structure, joint venture, distributorship, contact, franchise, license, direct export, sales agent, or location entry.

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    In order to make it easier for WholeFoods in China, it should pursue a joint venture or partnership.
    By doing either one of these, WholeFoods can buy an existing grocery store chain that is already in China that already has license to operate. It could be very hard to obtain a license in certain countries, especially like in China or Indonesia. JV or partnership ...

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    This solution of 255 words examines the WholeFoods market in China as well as the legal structure of the business. It also provides recommendations on how WholeFoods can successfully enter the Chinese market.