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    Quest Company has seen dramatic fluctuations in earnings

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    Quest Company began operations five years ago. The company produces and sells software. The company's primary market is in the United States, where 60% of sales occur. Ten percent of the company's sales occur in Japan and 30% of sales occur in Europe. Foreign sales are denominated in local currencies. Major software purchases may be paid over a one-year period.

    Quest Company has obtained its long-term financing from U.S., Japanese, and German banks. Approximately one-half of the loans from U.S. banks are variable-rate loans, with the remainder of the company's loans being fixed-rate obligations.

    Quest Company has seen dramatic fluctuations in earnings during its five years of existence.

    Identify the types of risk faced by Quest Company

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    Since a total of 40% of the company's sales occur outside the United States, then it is exposed to foreign currency risk. ...

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    The expert examines Quest Company's dramatic fluctuations in earnings. The types of risks faced are identified.