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    Global Finance Investment Problems: Ann Page CVP, Mrs. Jones currency conversion

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    1 Ann Page Co. ... fixed costs $30,000 per year. Variable costs per unit are $17. Sales price per unit is $30
    a) What is the contribution margin of the product?
    b) Calculate the breakeven point in unit sales and dollars.
    c) What is the operating profit (loss) at:
    i) 1,500 units per year?

    ii) 3,600 units per year?
    d) Plot a breakeven chart using the foregoing figures.

    2 Mrs. Jones owns 100 shares of stock in Daimler-Benz valued at 16.5 Euros per share. What is the value in $U.S. of her stock if:
    a) 0.90 â?¬ = $1

    b) 0.70 â?¬ = $1

    c) 1.20 â?¬ = $1

    3 John is planning on purchasing his German dream car for 65,000 Euros. How much does he need in $U.S. if there are 0.98 Euros to the $U.S.?

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