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    Converstion of five international currencies into dollar

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    I am not sure how to make these conversions.
    The first one is Euro
    The 2nd one is British Pound
    The 3rd is Danish Krone
    The 4th is Swiss Franc
    The 5th is Yen

    For each of the following indirect foreign exchange quotes calculate the amount of US Dollars (USD) needed to purchase the currency (round to four decimal places):

    (Euro) 0.7830 / USD -

    (British Pound) 0.5322 / USD

    (Danish Krone) 5.8413 / USD

    (Swiss Franc) 1.2136 / USD

    (Yen) 111.7380 / USD

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    Currency Amount Currency vis-a-vis USD Amount in USD to purchase the currency

    Euro 0.7830 1 Euro = 1.4427 U.S. dollars ...

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    The solution converts five different currencies - Euro, British Pound, Danish Krone, Swiss Franc, and Yen into US dollar.