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Cuba and T Mobile

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The country is Cuba and the company is T-Mobile. We are bring cellular service to Cuba after Castro dies. Prepare a 600 word response in which you explain how you would address the following within the context of your selected country.

a. Information Technology (IT)
b. Research and Development (R&D)

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Bringing cellular service to Cuba should be easy, as long as when Castro dies, the current situation remains. Never underestimate the power of a dictatorship. If one can work with the government then I would propose the following reply. Please add your own opening and clean up the conclusion to meet the needs of your class.

Cellular service in Cuba

There are first and foremost, beyond the availability of methods to pay for such service, the ability of the system to withstand regular summer storms such as tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms come ashore, often accompanied by high winds and flooding, neither good for cellular towers and bases. Though the bases where switches and batteries are housed are concrete, the ability of waters to rise precipitously during a hurricane can wipe out the building and its contents. R&D dollars would be best spent on finding ways to protect cellular ...

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A discussion on what the advantages of going into Cuba to set up a information technology business after Castro.

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The Company is T-Mobile and we are expanding our services into Cuba after Castro dies.

1) Political/legal/regulatory risks ------ > Barry
2) Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
3) Competitive risk assessment
4) Taxation and double taxation risks
5) Market (4 Ps) risks
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