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    Professional skepticism in audits article

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    Briefs are one (1) page write-ups of selected articles requiring you to (1) summarize the article with the central message and the author's theme; (2) discuss 2 reasons why this is an important or unimportant topic for the audit profession; and (3) indicate your agreement or disagreement with 3 of the author's conclusions or opinions and support your 3 points with different auditing standards (PCAOB, ASB, IAASB, ACFE, IIA etc.). Do not agree or disagree with the standards but agree or disagree with the author.

    Sample of a brief is included. Please follow that outline thanks.

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    I have outlined a response. I first summarized the keys to the article. You may wish to add to this area with information from your class or knowledge. The second area is covered with my idea of why the article has importance. You, again,might want to add to this area with your own knowledge and experience. In the third section, I applied what I agreed with as it pertains to two points in the GAAS. For the third you might want to choose another principle, accounting audit standard, or disagreement with something the article makes a point of discussing. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask.

    This article addresses the need for and supposed lack of professional skepticism that ...

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    An article review for an auditing article supplied in the assignment.