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    Circumstances do you feel warrant criminal prosecution of CPAs

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    Bernie Ebbers is an excellent example of a criminal that is serving a jail sentence due to accounting fraud. Many CEOs and CFOs simply do not consider that they will ever get caught. Perhaps, the conviction of white-collar criminals brings an awareness needed to deter future corporate fraud. Do you feel tax preparers should face criminal charges as well? What circumstances do you feel warrant criminal prosecution of CPAs?


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    CPA's should (and do) face criminal charges in many cases. If the CPA, enrolled agent or enrolled tax return preparer is found guilty, he or she can be fined, lose their license to practice (in the case of CPA's and enrolled agents), or if a registered preparer, can be suspended or permanently banned from preparing future tax returns.

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    This solution briefly explains if CPA's and tax return preparation professionals should be held accountable from a criminal standpoint when tax fraud has occurred.