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    The financial system and interest

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    Keena is saving money so she can start a two year graduate school program two years from now. She doesn't want to take any chances going grad school, so she's planning to invest her savings in the lowest risk securities available, Treasury notes (short-term bonds). She will need the first year's tuition in two years and the second year's in three. Use the interest rate model to estimate the returns she can expect on two and three year notes. The inflation rate is expected to be 4% next year, 5% in the following year, and 6% in the year after that. Maturity risk generally adds. 1% to yields on shorter term notes like these for each year of term. Assume the pure rate is 1.5%.

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    Nominal interest rate = Pure interest rate + inflation rate + maturity risk premium
    For year 1, nominal interest rate = ...

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    The solution estimates the returns for Keena's savings and investments.