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IPO Process - The Infernia Corporation

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Financing Issues that an organization faces when it goes public.

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For your convenience, I have attached a fully formatted APA paper to this post. I have also attached a copy of The Infinera Corporations actual IPO filing to the SEC, as well as other reference sources for your review.

The Infinera Corporation:
A Study of a Successful IPO

An initial public offering (IPO) is described as being "the process through which a company makes the transition from a privately held entity to a public company with stock traded on one of the major stock exchanges" (Newton, 2004). Typically, a company going through the IPO process is relatively young and unknown. Because of the lack of a financial history from which an interested party might surmise future performance, IPO's are generally considered being riskier investments. However, established ...

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A fully formatted APA paper, which explains the IPO process, using the reallife company -The Infinera Corporationss actual IPO filing to the SEC, as an example.