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Risk Management

I need some help getting started with this task. I have limited experience in the Risk Management area.

Write a paper describing a socially responsible risk management strategy for a company with which you are familiar. This can be your current employer or previous employer and remember to maintain privacy for this organization. Clearly state if this is a public or private organization.

> Summarize the following:

o Goals of risk management
o Identification applicable risk factors
o Strategies for managing each risk factor
o Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment
o Social implications and responsibilities

> Analyze the importance of HRM's role to manage risk for the organization.
> Provide at least two examples that illustrate the application of human resources role.
> Include at least two scholarly sources.

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Goals of risk management

I used to work for a private organization that is affiliated with the Catholic Church, even though I am not affiliated with that religion. All I wanted to do was serve others in any capacity that I could. The goals or risk management with this business were important. They wanted to make sure that everyone had their voice heard, but did have a policy about whistleblowing, which is that the person who does will remain anonymous.

Identification applicable risk factors

The risk factors are as follows. One, a person may experience not having the support of their peers by them lying about them to others in management. Two, the individual has the possibility of not having management handle their situation properly. Three, he or she may lose their job in this process. Four, management who is handling the dilemma may get terminated. Four, a lawyer may be present when attending a meeting with those who are in higher up positions. Five, management can set a time and a date that does not work according to the employee's schedule, which may discourage him or her from showing up.

o Strategies for managing each risk factor

Here are some strategies for managing each risk factor. The person who is whistleblowing will need to have detailed paperwork on the situation at hand, and may want to consider forming a coalition to have extra evidence, so that management will have no choice but to accept the change. He or she may also want to consider looking for another job because of ...

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