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    Global Business in a foeign country

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    As you already know, cultural influences often determine the possibilities of success of a global business. Select a global company and identify the cultural elements that may influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in a foreign country. Describe what areas or processes could the company improve to further impact their bottom-line and customer value. Apply critical thinking and frame the problem. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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    //This paper discusses about the influence of culture in the global business while expanding the business. Here we are going to discuss about the Walt Disney company that how the culture (belief, customs, attitude and language) of other countries like Europe and France influence the strategies of the company//.

    Globalization means growth of investment and trade, with the growth in international business, and economic integration all over the world. For globalization, the company is required to be concerned about the development of international strategies. The other concerning areas include political and cultural differences such as government regulations, language and currency in the domestic market. The cultural elements influence the effectiveness of the company.

    Language, customer-needs and preferences in the prospective ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 560 words with references.