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    Chinese Joint Ventures

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    Your supervisor was scheduled to present a seminar called Strategic Implementation in China, but he is now unable to fulfill this commitment and has asked you to take his place. Fortunately, he has already created a partial outline of topics for you to present. The seminar attendees will be mid-level and upper-level managers from various industries.

    You will need to complete and research each topic on the outline and write 3-4 pages of content for your lecture. You will also create a nonlinguistic slideshow to accompany your lecture.


    3-4 pages of content which addresses the following outlined topics:
    International Joint Ventures in China
    What is an IJV?
    What special considerations exist for entering into an IJV in China?
    Cultural Considerations
    Governmental/Political Considerations
    Note: Refer to www.uschina.org and choose 2 or 3 relevant examples
    Cite all references using APA style.
    PowerPoint Presentation of 4-5 slides (body of presentation, no speaker notes needed)
    Each slide should feature an image, graphic, screen shot, video clip, audio clip, or any other nonlinguistic element that supports the content of your lecture. These slides will serve as a visual and/or auditory way of further engaging your audience in the content.

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    I am providing some ideas here for you and some references. Please use them as you need. I have attached a non linguistic PP for you to use and add to as needed.

    International Joint Ventures in China

    What is an IJV?

    Joint ventures occur when two (or more) companies form a contractual agreement or new business entity in which they share the responsibility for the operations of the company. In a joint venture (JV) the parties also share the investment demands for starting the company and the profits, losses, and management of the new entity. An IJV (International Joint Venture) is one that includes people or organizations from two (or more) countries form a business together. Sometimes these new entities are found in the country of one of the partners, in others, the entity is created to serve an entirely new country.

    What special considerations exist for entering into an IJV in China?

    Companies from the West or that use Western culture techniques, have to know and understand guanxi to successfully manage the business relationship with Chinese partners. Understanding the culture and accepting the differences is another. The Chinese government encourages joint ventures in the hope of gaining new knowledge and technology. Caution about "stealing" these has been rampant for years, but with care and careful management, it should not be an issue.

    The Chinese government is involved with everything involving business. Arming the management with information and knowledge ...

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    A review of international joint ventures, specifically using China.