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    What is currency and their affects on global trading?

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    What is currency? How do fluctuating currency rates affect global trading? (at least 200 words).

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    1. What is currency?

    Currency is "the means of purchasing through trade..., currency generally refers to printed or minted money. Sometimes only paper bills are thought of as currency, while other times coins are included. Currency involves the exchange of goods or services for cash" http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-currency.htm.

    2. How do fluctuating currency rates affect global trading?

    Global trading is impacted by different currency of different countries. Currency conversion, or foreign exchange rate, is the conversion of one country's currency units into the value of another country. It can be fixed or floating. ...

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    This solution explins the concept of currency, and explains how fluctuating currency rates affects global trading.