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    Cuba's Financial State

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    Prepare a word document of the genreal background information regarding the country Cuba, including domestic capital status, liquidity, debt status, and a brief timeline of domestic growth, with more emphasis on recent events.
    In a minimum of 500 words, be sure to include the following:
    1. A theoretical recommendation for maintaining domestic equity status,
    2. A theoretical recommendation for raising global capital, and
    3. Other descriptive events or information

    The book that I'm using is Fundamentals of Multinational Finance by Moffett, Stonehill, & Eiteman and need a minimum of 4 reference including the textbook.

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    I have outlined some ideas for you to use and expand upon for the assignment. I also included two references, leaving you with your book and one additional reference based on how you focus your assignment, whether on numbers or information. Additionally, the two references are excellent for all types of information on economic reasons and other information as necessary. You should cultivate a knowledge of the information in the FactBook because it is useful for all types of information about finance and country business. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask.

    Cuba is a country in perpetual crisis economically. Since the Soviet Union's collapse and withdrawal of funding for the island nation, it has struggled with its economic climate. It is the least economically sound country in the South American-Caribbean region. The political controls in place make it difficult to create economic freedoms that would pull the country up from the poverty the country wallows in. As a member of the World Trade Organization, it should be working more in the ...

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    A review of the financial state and outlook for Cuba.