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Impact of NAFTA for Canadian manufacturing facilities

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Government regulations have impacted the site planning and capacity planning at Wallingford Pharmaceuticals. NAFTA has had an impact on the advantages of the ownership of manufacturing facilities in Canada.

In preparation for a meeting with management, review and discuss the following:

What advantages would a business have by owning manufacturing facilities in Canada prior to NAFTA?
With the passage of NAFTA, what advantages remain by having manufacturing facilities still in Canada according to your research and your own judgment?

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//The paper discusses the effect of government regulations on a pharmaceutical company, Wallingford Pharmaceuticals. We will discuss what advantages would a manufacturing firm have before and after the application of NAFTA, as the agreement has impacted the ownership of the manufacturing firms. //

There are various advantages that any business can attain if it possesses manufacturing facilities in Canada. The company will be entertained by all the benefits which manufacturers are facilitated in Canada. Various advantages have been availed by the manufacturing business before NAFTA, such as industrial land and labor cost were lowered in the country. The natural gas and electricity cost are comparatively lower. Other manufacturing expenses that includes transportation cost which is lower ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 463 words with references.