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Stockholders' Equity Transactions

6 Selected data from the comparative balance sheets of Labtec Company as of December 31, Year 1, and Year 2 appear below:
Year 1 Year 2
Preferred stock, $100 Par, Issued at Par $0 $ 600,000
Common Stock, $30 Par 300,000 345,000
Additional Paid-in Capital 120,000 177,000
Retained Earnings 1,260,000 1,320,000
Total $1,680,000 $2,442,000
*Less Cost of Treasury Shares -72,000 -
Total Shareholders' Equity $1,608,000 $2,442,000

*Cost of 1,500 shares.

The following transactions occurred during Year 2:
a. March 1, Year 2: The company resold the Treasury shares on the market for $57 per share.
b. June 30, Year 2: The company declared and issued a 10-percent stock dividend at a time when the market price was $63 per share.
c. September 15, Year 2: The company issued additional shares of common stock on the open market for cash.
d. November 16, Year 2: The company issued new preferred shares on the open market for cash.
e. December 31, Year 2: Net income for Year 2 was $195,000. The company declared and paid cash dividends of $72,000 on the last day of the year.
Prepare journal entries for each of the transactions and events affecting these shareholders' equity accounts during Year 2.

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Please find the Journal Entries attached. Also, please find below the explanation of each entry

a) Originally the Treasury Stock has been purchased for ($72,000/1500) $48 per share, the entry to record the sale of Treasury Stock above cost would be a debit to cash for (1500 x $57) $85,500, Credit to Treasury Stock for $72,000, and a credit to Paid-in-Capital from Treasury Stock ($85,500 - $72,000) $13,500

b)Number of common Stock Shares Outstanding = 10,000 ($300,000/$30)
Number of Shares to be issued = (10,000 x 10%) = 1000. Total Amount to be Debited to Retained Earnings = (1000 x $63) = $63,000. Credit Common Stock for $30,000 (1000 x $30), and Credit Additional Paid-in Capital for $33,000 ($63,000 - $30,000)

c) The balance in Common Stock after the declaration of a stock ...

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The problem is an excel sheet that shows the journal entries for different stockholders' equity transactions.