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Role of investment banker; Brimstone balance sheet

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What are the key roles of an investment banker?

The stockholders' equity portion of Brimstone Tire Company follows:

Common Stock (2.0 million shares at $10 par) $20,000,000
Capital in excess of par 17,000,000
Retained earnings 33,000,000

The current market value of Brimstone's stock is $20. Show what the balance sheet will look like (comparison to above) if
Brimstone declares a 10% stock dividend.

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What are the key roles of investment bankers?

Investment bankers provide advisory services to organizations, companies and Government with respect to purchase and sale of various securities in the market. Investment bankers provide assistance to companies with respect to issue of equity shares or debentures or bonds by way of public issues i.e. ., advice will be ...

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The role of investment bankers and Brimstone balance sheets are examined.