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Journal,Income statement,owner's equity& Balance sheet

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Based on the information provided, prepare an Income Statement and Balance Sheet for Jone's Home Inspection as of December 31, 2007. Don will need these to prepare his 2007 tax return.

Prepare an Income Statement, Owner's Equity Statement and Balance Sheet.

Dec 4 Inspected 3 homes charged cllients a total of $900.
Received payment of $900.00

Dec 7 Filled company truck with gasoline- paid cash fo $43.00

Dec 11 Inspected 7 homes this week, charged clients a total
of $2,100.00 Received payment of $1,500.00 billed the
remainder to clients.

Dec 15 Filled company turck with gasoline- Paid cash $43.00

Dec 18 Inspected 10 homes this week, charged clients a
billed the remainder to clients

Dec 18 Paid $350 for office supplies.

Dec 22 Purchased additional tools on company credit care $475

Dec 25 Inspected 6 homes, Charged clients a total of $1,800.
received payment of $600.00 billed the remainder to

Dec 28 Paid $500 on company credit card billed ($100 was

Dec 30 Paid truck payment, $250 ( $85 was interest)

Dec 30 Dan withdrew $2,000 from the business for personal use

Dec 30 Received payment from clients, $1,800

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The answer contains journal, income statement, Trial balance, Balance sheet and owners' equity

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