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    Financial Statements between Wal-Mart & Target

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    I am inquiring about the Financial Statements used by WalMart and Target. I am looking for a list of the financial statements used and an original comparison and contrast, as they are similar types of companies. Solid references would be helpful as well. I would like to ensure current details, validity, and credibility.

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    Based on Wal-Mart's 2009 Annual Report (http://walmartstores.com/sites/AnnualReport/2009/financials.html) it sues the following financial statements:
    1. Consolidated statements of income - which presents the breakdown of Wal-Mart's net income and that of its subsidiaries including Sam's Clubs and all its "891 discount stores, 2,612 super centers, 153 Neighborhood Markets, and 602 Sam's Clubs in the United States; and 28 units in Argentina, 345 in Brazil, 318 in Canada, 197 in Chile, 164 in Costa Rica, 77 in El ...

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    The expert examines the financial statements between Wal-Mart and Target.