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    Balance Sheet, Income Statement - Practice Questions

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    Practice Questions - Multiple Choice
    Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

    Walker Corp. is a merchandising company that uses the periodic inventory system. Selected account balances are listed below:

    Sales $500,000
    Purchases 225,000
    Inventory (beginning) 16,000
    Inventory (ending) 30,000
    Operating Expenses 148,000
    Income Tax Expense 10,000
    Retained Earnings (beginning) 53,000
    Dividends 15,000

    ____ 1. Refer to the information for Walker Corp.

    Calculate net income.

    a. $289,000 c. $131,000
    b. $141,000 d. $116,000

    ____ 2. The following is from Silver Inc.'s 2012 income statement.

    Purchases $182,000
    Transportation-In 11,000
    Inventory, January 1, 2012 26,500
    Inventory, December 31, 2012 28,800
    Purchase Returns and Allowances 8,400

    How much will Silver report as cost of goods purchased in its 2012 income statement?

    a. $184,600 c. $201,400
    b. $193,000 d. $211,100

    ____ 3. Which one of the following is correct?

    a. Inventory losses can be identified and controlled better under the perpetual system.
    b. Inventory can only be sold at the end of an accounting period under the periodic system.
    c. There is no difference in cost to implement a perpetual as compared to a periodic system.
    d. The perpetual system eliminates the need for an annual inventory count

    ____ 5. Which method of inventory costing is not acceptable for financial accounting purposes?

    a. Specific Identification c. LIFO
    b. FIFO d. Replacement Cost

    ____ 6. Which inventory costing method results in the lowest income tax expense during a period of decreasing prices?

    a. FIFO c. Specific Identification
    b. LIFO d. Weighted Average Cost
    ____ 7. County Corp. started business at the beginning of 2011. County selected the FIFO method for its inventory. In order to maximize its profits for 2011 under this method, prices must be

    a. Increasing c. Stable
    b. Decreasing d. Fluctuating up and down at the same amount consistently over the year

    ____ 8. If the amount assigned to ending inventory is incorrect,

    a. The balance sheet is affected, but the income statement is not
    b. The income statement is affected, but the balance sheet is not
    c. The balance sheet is affected, but cost of goods sold is not
    d. Both the balance sheet and the income statement are affected

    ____ 9. Lettermen Inc. uses a perpetual inventory system.

    Jan. 1 On hand, 10 units at $2 each $ 20
    4 Sold 8 units for $10 each 80
    22 Purchased 50 units at $4 each 200
    26 Sold 48 units for $10 each 480

    If Lettermen uses the FIFO method, how much is cost of goods sold for the month of January?

    a. $204 c. $212
    b. $208 d. $560

    __ 10.Which of these is not an acceptable inventory costing method under IFRS?

    a. FIFO
    b. LIFO
    c. Specific Identification
    d. Average cost

    ____ 11. Effective cash management and control includes all of the following except :

    a. The use of a petty cash fund c. Short-term investments of excess cash
    b. Bank reconciliations d. Purchase of stocks and bonds

    ____ 12. Which one of the following procedures is not part of preparing a bank reconciliation of a checking account

    a. Tracing deposits listed on the bank statement to the books to identify deposits in transit
    b. Arranging canceled checks in numerical order and tracing them to the books to identify outstanding checks
    c. Identifying items added on the bank statement which have not been recorded as cash receipts by the company
    d. Preparing adjustments to reverse the transactions recorded for checks that are still outstanding

    ____ 13. Which one of the following items would be subtracted from the balance per bank statement in a bank reconciliation?

    a. Outstanding checks c. Service charges
    b. Deposit in transit d. Interest on customer note

    ____ 14. Hardin Company accepted a check from Reyes Company as payment for services rendered by Hardin Company. Later Hardin's bank statement revealed that Reyes' check was an NSF check. Recognizing the NSF check on Hardin's books would act to:

    a. Decrease total assets c. Both a. and b.
    b. Decrease total owners' equity d. Have no effect on Total Assets

    ____ 15. Which of the following represents the board of directors subset that acts as a direct contact between stockholders and the independent accounting firm?

    a. Audit committee c. External auditors
    b. Internal audit staff d. Stockholders' representative

    ____ 16. Having only one person authorized to both prepare and sign checks is a violation of what internal control procedure?

    a. Segregation of duties c. Independent verifications
    b. Independent review and appraisal d. Proper authorizations

    ____ 17. Which one of the following documents is used in the control of cash disbursements?

    a. Income Statement c. Receiving reports
    b. Bank deposit slips d. Cash register tapes

    ____ 18. Which one of the following is a sound internal control procedure for cash disbursements?

    a. Making copies of purchase orders for the receiving department so they know how many items to be expected upon delivery
    b. Using presigned checks to facilitate payment within the cash discount period
    c. Comparing purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receiving reports, and invoices
    d. Requiring the signature of the purchasing department supervisor on checks

    ____ 19. Which one of the following situations reflects a weak internal control system?

    a. all employees are well supervised
    b. a single employee is responsible for comparing a receiving report to an invoice
    c. all employees must take their vacations
    d. a single employee is responsible for collecting and recording of cash

    ____ 20. If receipts from cash sales of $7,500 were recorded incorrectly as $5,700 in the company's books, then this item would be included on the bank reconciliation as a(n)

    a. deduction from the balance per company's records
    b. addition to the balance per bank statement
    c. deduction from the balance per bank statement
    d. addition to the balance per company's records

    ____ 21. For what reason would a company buy 10% of the common stock of a second company?

    a. The company has idle cash and wishes to have a higher return than that
    available from temporary money market investments.
    b. The company wishes to insure a steady source of goods from the 2nd company.
    c. The company wishes to prepare consolidated financial statements.
    d. More than one of the above is correct.

    24. missing

    ____ 25. The entry to recognize the write-off of the specific uncollectible accounts will act to:

    a. Increase total assets and total equity
    b. Increase total assets and decrease total equity
    c. Decrease total assets and total equity
    d. Not affect total assets or total equity

    ____ 26. Friese Inc. lends $70,000 on a 120-day, 9% promissory note. The total interest that Friese will receive at maturity is
    a. $6,300 c. $525
    b. $2,100 d. $1,890

    Angel, Inc.
    Angel, Inc. purchased a crane at a cost of $80,000. The crane has an estimated residual value of $5,000 and an estimated life of 8 years, or 12,500
    hours of operation. The crane was purchased on January 1, 2011 and was used 2,700 hours in 2011 and 2,600 hours in 2012.

    ____ 27. Refer to the information for Angel, Inc,

    Based on this information, what method of depreciation will produce the maximum depreciation expense in 2012?

    a. Straight-line
    b. Double-declining-balance
    c. Units-of-production
    d. All methods produce the same expense in 2012.

    ____ 28. At the end of 2011, Global Productions determined that one of its copyrights was worthless. The copyright had a cost of $320,000. The copyright had been amortized for 8 years of its estimated 25-year legal life. Which of the following statements is the justification for removing the remaining cost of the copyright from the accounting records?

    a. The copyright no longer represents a future benefit to the company.
    b. The federal government does not allow copyrights to be recorded as assets once they are deemed worthless.
    c. The cost of the copyright represents an obligation to return capital contributions to the stockholders.
    d. The cost of the copyright has usefulness that will impact the net income of future accounting periods.

    ____ 29. Interest is capitalized when incurred in connection with the construction of plant assets because

    a. interest is considered a part of the acquisition cost of related plant asset.
    b. the decision to purchase a plant asset is a business decision separate from the financing decision.
    c. many plant assets last longer than 20 years.
    d. interest is considered an expense of the period.

    ____ 31. Many companies use MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) depreciation for

    a. financial reporting purposes and a different method for tax purposes.
    b. financial reporting purposes because depreciation is not allowed for tax purposes.
    c. tax purposes because it results in a larger net income in the early years of a plant asset's life
    d. tax purposes because of a desire to report higher expenses in early years in order to pay lower taxes.

    On January 1, 2011, Donovan's Transport Company purchased a ship for $2,000,000. It has a ten-year useful life and a residual value of $50,000. The company uses the double-declining-balance method.

    ____ 32. What was the depreciation expense for Donovan's Transport for the year ended December 31, 2011?

    a. $ -0- c. $390,000
    b. $195,000 d. $400,000

    ____ 33. What was the depreciation expense for Donovan's Transport for the year ended December 31, 2012?

    a. $ -0- c. $320,000
    b. $160,000 d. $400,000

    ____ 34. All of the following are included in the acquisition cost of property, plant, and equipment except:

    a. transportation costs
    b. taxes on the purchase
    c. installation costs
    d. maintenance costs
    ____ 35. Which of the following below is an example of a capital expenditure?

    a. cleaning the carpet in the front room
    b. tune-up for a company truck
    c. replacing an engine in a company car
    d. replacing all burned-out light bulbs in the factory

    ____ 36. The payment of accounts payable results in a(n)

    a. decrease in liabilities and a decrease in assets.
    b. decrease in liabilities and an increase in assets.
    c. increase in liabilities and a decrease in owners' equity.
    d. decrease in liabilities and an increase in owners' equity.

    ____ 37. If a company purchases $3,200 worth of inventory with terms of 2/10, n/30 on March 3 and pays April 2, then the amount p aid to the seller would be

    a. $3,136 c. $3,168
    b. $3,150 d. $3,200

    ____ 38. Almost all current liabilities affect the operating category of the statement of cash flows, but one that does not affect cash provided by operating activities is

    a. accounts payable. c. notes payable.
    b. interest payable. d. taxes payable.

    ____ 39. A company's balance sheet shows the account, Notes Payable. This resulted from a loan made by the company's bank. If the end-of-year balance in the notes payable account exceeds the beginning-of-year balance by $5,000, this is shown on the cash flow statement as an

    a. inflow of cash of $5,000 in the operating activities category.
    b. outflow of cash of $5,000 in the operating activities category.
    c. inflow of cash of $5,000 in the financing activities category.
    d. outflow of cash of $5,000 in the financing activities category.

    ____ 40. In 2012, Salem, Inc. sold 1,000 carpets for $50 each. The carpets carry a 2-year warranty for repairs. Salem estimates that repair costs will average 2% of the total selling price. What is the amount that would be recorded in the warranty liability account as a result of selling the carpets during 2012?

    a. $1,000
    b. $ 500
    c. $ 20
    d. No liability should be recorded until the carpets are returned for repairs.

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