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Prepare an adjusted trial balance. How will the company use it?

The trial balance of a company dec31st, 2005 and the data needed for the month-end adjustment follows:

Adjusted data:

a- Prepaid insurance still enforce at Dec 31st $600.00

b- Supplies used during the month: $600.00

c- Depreciation for the month: $ 900.00

d- Accrued advertising expense at dec31st: $300.00(credit account payable)

e- Accrued salary expense at dec31st: $100.00

f- Unearned service revenue still unearned at Dec 31st: $1100.00


Cash $12,200.00

Account receivable $14,100.00

Prepaid insurance $3,100.00

Supplies $800.00

Building $412,700.00

Accumulated depreciation $311,600.00

Account payable $1,900.00

Salary payable 0

Unearned service revenue $2,300.00

Capital $125,000.00

Withdrawals $2,900.00

Service revenue $7,900.00

Salary expense $2,100.00



Advertising expense $800.00

Supplies expense

Total $448,700 $448,700.00

Prepare adjusted trial balance. How will the company use the adjusted trial balance?

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