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Dell INC financial health vs industry average ratios

Use www.msn.com to find financial statements for any "for profit" company in the computer hardware industry.

1.enter the company symbol
2.go to menu on left side of screen
3.go to financial results
4.go to financial ratios

Complete a ratio analysis for that company's last year's financial data. At a minimum, list and discuss the company performance vs. its industry average for these 4 ratios:

A.Profit as percent of sales
B. Current ratio
C. Debt to equity ratio
Comment on:
1.how these ratios depict the financial health of this company as compared to the industry average.
2.what the company might do to get better in each area.

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See attached for screen shots of ratios on msn.com money page:

Profit as a percent of sales = "net profit margin" above or 4.17 compared to industry and S&P 500 is very low. Two ways to improve this would be to increase prices or lower costs. The gross margin is well below competitors indicating that they operate on smaller margins, likely because they ...

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Your tutorial is 224 words and includes screen shots from the MSN money pages where Dell's ratios are presented for 2013.