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    Capitalized Cost of Land/Factory Building

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    On May 4th 2006 Stufflebam Company purchased a tract of land as a factory site for 3,000,000. An existing building on the property was demolished, and construction was begun on a new factory building in July 2006 and completed Dec, 15, 2006. Cost data are shown below.
    New Building: 14,000,000
    Cost of demolished old building: 260,000
    Proceeds from sales of salvaged materials from old building: 24,000
    Architect's fees for design of building: 500,000
    Title insurance and attorney's fee for purchase of land: 120,000

    Compute the capitalized cost of (a) the land and (b) the new factory building.

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    The cost of land is all costs incurred to make the land suitable for use
    (a) The capitalized cost of land ...

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    This solution explains how to calculate the capitalized cost of land and factory building in the given financial accounting question.