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Sample Financial Information for Variable and Fixed Costs

Define Variable and Fixed Cots - For the variable cost, if the Unit price for service is $175 yen per hour justify variable cost associated with price which would include in this case probably only labor cost (for example, maybe 2 persons at 25 yen per person per hour? up to you!) For fixed costs, make it simple, show an annual lease expense and a brief breakdown of other fixed costs (such as cell phones, company cars, electricity, printing)...remember, small company!

What are the tax considerations for Japan - In this section, please cover what revenue taxes the country will charge. Additionally, how much tax will Japan charge for remittance of revenues to the parent company outside the U.S.? Justify your response

about 300 words, one reference

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First, a product's selling price doesn't affect its variable and fixed costs. These costs and others are independent of unit prices. Nevertheless, the unit selling price does affect whether the investment would be worthwhile or not. Specifically, the contribution margin, which is the selling price less the product's variable cost, will help the company determine the level of sales it needs to achieve break even, wherein sales equals total expenses, and given a specific target income, the level of sales needed to achieve ...

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