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    Journal Entries for Fresh Market, Inc.

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    The following transactions occurred for Fresh Market, Inc. for the quarter ended March 31, 2010:

    ·         Total sales were $ 484,500 - 20% were on account.
    ·         Of those sales on account, 95% were collected by the end of the quarter.
    ·         $ 258,000 was spent buying produce to stock the store.
    ·         By the end of the quarter, all but $ 6,060 of the produce has been sold.
    ·         Payments were made for the following:
    1. Salaries and Wages $ 130,000
    2. Utilities $ 8,835
    3. Rent $ 13,950
    4. Supplies $ 17,000
    5. Equipment Repairs $ 4,410
    6. Loan Payments - $ 4,500 on principal and $ 3,150 for interest
    ·         Depreciation on Store Fixtures and Equipment was $ 7,230.
    ·         An estimated income tax payment for $ 19,130 was made.
    ·         $ 1,940 in Supplies were unused at the end of the quarter.
    ·         Employees earned $ 2,100 in wages that won't be paid until the third day of the next quarter.

    Please assist with the following:

    1. Prepare the journal entries to reflect the above transactions.

    2. Circle every account in the journal entry that is a Balance Sheet account.

    3. Did the Cash account increase or decrease during the quarter? By how much?

    4. Prepare an Income Statement for the Quarter ended March 31, 2009.

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