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    Incremental analysis

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    Production Jars of sauce
    Ingredient cost (variable) 16,000
    Labor cost (variable) 9,000
    Rent (fixed) 4,000
    Depreciation (fixed) 6,000
    Other (fixed) 1,000
    Total 36,000

    Consider the production cost information for Sally's spaghetti sauce in problem 1. The company is currently producing and selling 250,000 jars of sauce annually. The jars sell for $4.00 each. The company is considering lowering the price to $3.70. Suppose this action will increase sales to 300,000 jars.
    a. What is the incremental cost associated with producing an extra 50,000 jars of sauce? What is the incremental revenue associated with the price reduction of $0.30 per jar?
    b. Should Sally lower the price of the sauce?

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    a. Incremental cost is the increase in cost by producing the extra 50,000 jars. The incremental cost would be the variable cost as the fixed cost would not change
    The ...

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