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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Example Questions

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I need help finding the answers to the follwing: How do I describe the importance of internal control programs, and how do I identify effective internal control techniques?
How can I Illustrate the relationship between ethics and internal control techniques, and how do I describe the importance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
I don't know the meaning of this act. Thank you!!

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This solution provides steps necessary to answer the corporate finance questions.

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I need help finding the answers to the following:

1. How do I describe the importance of internal control programs? Internal control is mandatory to keep your employees accountable and as honest as possible. There should always be a check and balance system in all departments. These programs should be monitored and reviewed on a monthly basis. The job of internal control should be monitored electronically as well as manually to ensure accuracy. Without proper internal controls companies may face the same faith as ENRON and other companies accused of fraudulent ...

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