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Financial ratio analysis comprehensive problem

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Ratio Analysis -Comprehensive problem 2008 data.

A) Compute the following profitability measures for the year ended December 27,2008:

1. Return on investment , based on net income (perform a DuPont analysis).
2. Return on equity, based on net income.
3. Price/earnings ratio. Use $14.18 as the year-end market price.
4. Dividend yield.
5. Dividend payout ratio.

B) Compute the following liquidity measures at December 27,2008:

1. Working Capital.
2. Current Ratio.
3. Acid-test Ratio.

C) Compute the following activity measures for the year ended December 27,2008:

1. Number of Days' sales in accounts receivable, based on a 365 - day year.
2 Number of days' sales in inventory, based on a 365 day year.
3. Accounts receivable turnover.
4. Inventory turnover.
5. Turnover of net property, plant and equipment.

D). Compute the following financial leverage measures at December 27,2008:

1. Debt Ratio
2. Debt/equity ratio.

E) Compute the following physical measures of Intel's profitability at December 27, 2008:

1. Net revenues per employee.

2. Operating income per employee.

Show work in excel. I have attached the 2008 Intel financial report to retrieve the data

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