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    Financial Management

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    9.How would you use portfolio management to assess the risk and return of an investment?

    10. Predict how the results would be different based on different risk preferences.

    11.In the concept of managerial accountability, what legal compliance issues could come up?

    12. What is agency theory?

    13.What ethical issues could come up? Give an example of these issues.

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    //This paper discusses all about 'Financial Management' which begins with portfolio management to asses the risks and return on investment and how the results can be based on various risk preferences. Further, we have discussed about Managerial accountability, Agency theory and the Ethical issues related therewith.//

    Financial Management

    Answer 9:

    Portfolio management is used for the assessment of the risk and return associated with an investment. Portfolio management involves the management of assets and securities. The portfolio management techniques assist the investor in taking decisions by assessing the portfolio of assets. The investors mainly interested in knowing the expected rate of return and risk associated with the portfolio. The investor can alter the portfolio by analyzing the expected returns and risk associated with a particular set of portfolio (Grinold & Kahn, 2000).

    Answer 10:

    Based on the different risk preferences, the results of the evaluation of the return and risk related with a portfolio can be predicted differently. Risk and return associated with a portfolio are directly proportional (Grinold & Kahn, 2000). According to the risk preferences, ...

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