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    Financial analysis of Disney by Ratios

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    Evaluate your selected organization's financial performance over the past two years using financial ratios. Calculate the following ratios for each year:

    a) Current
    b) Debt
    c) ROI (return on investment)
    d) Days receivable

    2008 current ratio
    current assets 11,666,000
    curent liabili 11,591,000
    Current ratio = 1.01

    2007 current ration
    current assets 11,314,000
    current liabilities 11,391,000
    Current ratio = 0.99

    2008 Debt to total Assets
    Total liabilities 30,174,000
    Total Assets 62,497,000
    Debt to total Assets ratio = 0.483

    2007 Debt to Total Assets
    Total liabilities 30,175,000
    total Assets 60,928,000
    Debt to Total Assets ratio = 0.495

    2008 Return on equity
    Net Income 4,427,000
    Equity 32,323,000
    Return on Equity ratio 0.137

    2007 Return on equity
    Net Income 4,687,000
    Equity 30,753,000
    Return on Equity ratio 0.152

    2008 Days Receivables
    Gross Receivables 6,397,000
    Annual Net Sales/365days 37,843,000/365
    Days receivables ratio 61.700

    2007 Days Receivables
    Gross Receivables 5,894,000
    Annual Nets Sales/365days 35,510,000/365
    Days Receivables ratio 60.583

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