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    How important has cash generation been for your current company or a prior employer? How is cash generation different from the concept of profit and loss (P&L) in accounting? Provide an example of how a company manages cash flow. Analyze the response of at least one colleague by comparing cash generation techniques at your company versus his or her company. Draw distinctions based on the industry and tell your colleagues why those distinctions are necessary in the management of cash flow.

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    Cash generation has played a key role in my previous company. My prior company was owned by a Private equity firm and thus had a huge amount of debt. Paying interest payments on time was important to stay out of bankruptcy and remain efficient. Thus, cash management became a big deal. It was important that the company always has enough cash to pay its interest payments on time. The finance department was very closely managing the cash inflows and cash outflows to ensure that cash is not wasted.

    Cash is different from the concept of P&L in accounting. In accounting P&L is based on the accrual method. Revenues and expenses are ...

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