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    Financial risk

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    1. An example of macroeconomic data useful to a retailer is Interest Rate data. Yes or No.

    2. If according to the historical financial statements for Starbucks, the debt to assets ratio is 4.00 percent and is forecasted to go to zero in 2003. The times interest earned ratio is 177 in 2002 and is projected to be 286 in 2003. Would you say:

    a. Starbucks has a low financial risk.
    b. Starbucks has a high financial risk.
    c. Cannot determine from given data

    3. Total working capital management success is usually measured in bottom line benefits such as:

    a. Cash Improvement
    b. Cost Reduction
    c. Service (and revenue) Improvement
    d. All of the above.

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    1. Yes it is of importance to the retailer as it will have an impact on the demand for the ...

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