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Balance Sheet and Income Statement Information

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Contrast the information provided in the balance sheet and income statement.


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The information provided in the income statement gives financial statement users a portrayal of the company's financial health from a revenue standpoint. The income statement shows the company's gross revenue, cost of goods sold, and total net revenue. The total net revenue is calculated after allowance adjustments. The expenses are then listed, and are typically listed as operating expenses being first, followed by general ...

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This solution contrasts information provided in the balance sheet with information from the income statement.

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Finance 201 Problem

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Current Ratio 1.09 1.41
Quick Ratio 0.60 1.00
Total Debt Ratio 48.00% 77.80%
TIE 6.20 3.20

You have been given the following information. Complete a Balance Sheet and Income Statement for 2005. All figures are in millions. Also briefly explain in one paragraph what you learned after solving about this country?

Sales will be $3,000 for the year. Accounts Receivable will be 10% of sales. Selling General and Administrative Expense will be $500 for the year, and COGS will be 67% of sales. The company has $750 in long-term debt, and pays 8% interest on this debt. It has a 35% combined tax rate, and depreciation expense of $130. 2004's accumulated depreciation was $780, and gross fixed assets were $2100. Inventory was $550, and total liabilities and stockholders equity were $2,390. NOWC totaled $548, with 50% of current liabilities in Accruals and 50% in A/P. Last year, Retained Earnings totaled $440. The company has only common stock, no preferred.

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