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    Expanding my company to a Country in the EU (via acquisition with EU Company).

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    Step 1: Choose a European country that belongs to the EU to analyze.

    Step 2: Discuss their currency, issues relative to their currency, and how this may impact operations in the future.

    Step 3: Defend your choice of country in the post. State the reasons why the selection of a country in the EU is valid for your company's acquisition. The purpose here is to defend why it's better to choose a country in the EU versus a country not in the EU (the second country choice (non-EU) is not necessary for this assignment).

    Step 4: State the advantages and disadvantages of operating a business in the country of choice. A SWOT analysis or an operational pro/con is valid.

    Step 5: Please make sure to include your references to the final main post.

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    Possibilities in Expanding Globally in a European Union Nation

    There are many benefits in expanding global operations to a European Union country. Economic and political stability are among the two major reasons for such expansion. The Original intent of the EU was to join Germany, France, and other countries together economically so that they would be less likely to go to war against each other (Mueller, nd). In addition to stability the union can provide many advantages to citizens of all participating Countries. Access to goods and the ability to trade across several borders allows each participating country to achieve greater economic independence and better quality of life among those who were previously unable to offer goods or services in other nations.
    Though there are many benefits in expanding to an EU country some drawbacks may also exist. Redistribution of goods among EU nations may mean goods are less available to other nations. To understand the potential benefits and challenges, a SWOT analysis below points out what an organization outside the EU may expect when making the decision to expand to an EU country.
    SWOT Analysis
    Free trade among EU nations means an organization looking to expand to one of the EU nations has a larger market in which to promote products or services. Even if one or two countries within the EU is selected, products can end up on shelves in any of the other countries. This expands the market for products and services for a global organization, without the need to worry about additional tariffs or protectionist practices. Goods that purchased by a company in one nation can easily be offered in ...

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