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Biggest concern in starting a successful new business

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1. Entrepreneurship has a fairly high failure rate. What psychological, emotional, and financial concerns might a new entrepreneur have concerning the possibility of failure? What is your biggest concern in starting a successful new business? Consider, for example, about opportunities, money, experience, education, or resources. Why?

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Articles written about business failure state that most new businesses are small and begin in the home. Because those businesses do not publicly report their results, it is difficult to find reliable information about business failures. I have read articles claiming that as high as 85% of new businesses fail in the first year.

A common claim is that a new business doesn't plan to fail, but rather they fail to plan. In my experience, there is a great deal of truth in that statement. There are some very basic ...

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In a 351 word solution, the issues in starting a new business are clearly explained using four basic concepts for success.

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