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    Price of Product plus Tax

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    Choose three physical products you would like to buy (e.g., apparel, furniture, books, etc.).
    1. Locate the retail price for each of these items.
    2. List the price of each item and the total price of all items. Select a state that has a sales tax, find out what that state's sales tax is and determine the actual amount that you would be charged.
    3. Then, find the same three products at different stores. Compute the sales tax for another state that has a sales tax other than the one from above. Is the tax different? Why or why not?
    4. Be sure to include how you found the solution, the date on which you researched prices, and the stores you chose.
    5. Using the net pay of $241.93 , how many of each of the products could be purchased, or, if it is a large purchase, how many paychecks would need to be saved in order to be able to purchase that product? Compute this for both situations above.

    Note: you will need to price three items of your choice at one site. I suggest you select items with some particular brand name, for example, GE appliances, NIKE shoes, Ford cars, or some other common brand. Then visit two other e-commerce web sites that sell each of these three items and compare prices. Include the price of the items and sales tax but not shipping and handling.

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    This solution chooses physical products to purchase and calculates the price plus sales tax purchased from three different stores and from two different states. It also calculates how many paychecks it would take to pay the total amount.