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Matt Remes has formed a small business and has just completed building an electronic commerce Web site that sells subscriptions to special-interest newsletters. The titles range from Apple Growers Digest to Wilderness Backpacking Newsletter. Many organizations and individuals produce the newsletters, and Matt's role is to raise the visibility of these somewhat obscure publications. The newsletters are published and available either biweekly or monthly. Unlike traditional subscription services, Matt's business has an agreement from all newsletter publishers that he can sell subscriptions for single issues or for periods of up to three years. He does not want to allow subscribers to use their payment cards to purchase a subscription that is less than two years in duration. But he finds that nearly 60 percent of the first-time customers on his site prefer to order a sample issue before committing to a subscription of a year or more. Discuss this case and present possible solutions to the problem. In about 200 words, describe existing systems that Matt could use to provide his subscribers with a system that does not depend on payment cards.

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Matt's objectives:
Marketing on the Internet is very different from traditional marketing, although many of the same principles apply. The means by which you implement your strategy is different though. Online marketing allows you to reach millions of potential subscribers with very little effort. Much less effort then what it would take for offline marketing. Because of the ease of reaching subscribers, individuals are constantly bombarded with all forms of Internet marketing: Spam email, annoying banner ads, and pop-up windows. Because Internet browsers are exasperated to the point where most Internet marketing is brushed aside without consideration, a superior approach is needed to reach your potential subscribers.
Defining your service: When defining your service are three points to note
1. Identify the most motivating benefit you can think of.
2. Make it an emotional benefit.
3. Make it a promise, not an announcement

· No action, for information only
· Contact the company
· Make a purchase
· Subscribe
If you are going to process orders accompanied by payments on-line, then a brochure site will be insufficient. Consideration will have to be given to setting up such items as a merchant account, shopping cart, catalogue, etc.

Use plain language.
Use high quality photos and place captions with photos explaining what and/or who are in the pictures.
Do not use too much text but rather an appealing mix of graphic images and ...

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