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    EBusiness Ethics

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    1. Should Information on the Internet be unrestricted?

    2. Is there an ethical responsibility for accuracy on the Internet?

    3. Should there be World Organization regulation of the Internet?

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    1. Should Information on the Internet be unrestricted?
    Although at first glance it would appear that information on the internet should be restricted, it is both unreasonable and impractical to attempt to undertake such an endeavor.

    Children and businesses are vulnerable to predatory business practices and criminal attacks over the internet, so it is necessary to protect them from that. I just don't think that passing and attempting to enforce laws to prevent it by restricting information on the Web are very effective methods for accomplishing that.

    The information available on the Internet is as broad and varied as the Internet itself. One can find information ranging from academic research to art to humor to literature to medical information to music to news to virtually ...

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    This is a discussion of ethics in e-business including restriction of information on the Internet, ethical responsibility for accuracy on the Internet and whether there should be a world organization for the regulation of the Internet.