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Computer Crimes

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Types of computer crimes that have been committed by outside intruders or by employees over the past three to five years.

Create a list of these crimes, include a description of each crime and its impact on the business victims. Describe how an e-business might protect itself against such risks.

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The solution lists and describes some compter crimes and its impact on the business victims. It also describes how an e-business can protect itself from such risks. References are included.

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Computer crime is also popularly known as cyber crime and it involves the illegal use of information technology to access a computer system with the intention of damaging, deleting or changing the data in the computer.

The following are some of the types of computer crimes:

1. Hacking - consists of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system. Hackers have ways of getting through the security details of the system and once they get all the information, they can access to the confidential information stored in the computer. The most common hacking nowadays is that of hacking IP addresses and it allows a hacker to have a false identity and be able to conduct unauthorized transactions without revealing his identity.
2. Phishing - Emails that appear to come from authentic sites are being sent to gullible users. These sites are actually faked and when the users believe it, they input their confidential data such as usernames, passwords and their credit card information. These fake websites are able to gather the confidential information they need for illegal purposes.
3. Computer Viruses - These are computer ...

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