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    Signalling Hypothesis - dividend policy

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    Briefly provide your insight as to what dividend policy entails. What are some of the key questions related to / answered by dividend policy? What is the signaling hypthosis related to dividends? By what (valuation based) means can we support the basic premise of this hypthesis?

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    Firm's Ability to Pay Dividend depends on its funds requirements for growth, shareholders' desire and liquidity. A growth firm should set its dividend rate at a low level (because of its high needs for funds) and move towards its target slowly.

    Practical considerations for payment of dividend are:
    Financial Need of company, Shareholders Expectations, Closely/Widely Held Company, Constraints on Paying Dividends, Legal Restrictions, Liquidity, Borrowing Capacity, Access to the Capital Market, Restrictions in Loan Agreements. Hence Dividend policy is a major responsibility of the board of directors. Thus Factors ...

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    This explains the Signalling Hypothesis.