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    Dividends versus repurchase

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    Dividends versus Repurchases.
    Big Industries has the following market-value balance sheet. The stock currently sells for $20 a share, and there are 1,000 shares Outstanding. The firm will either pay a $1 per share dividend or repurchase $1,000 worth of stock. Ignore taxes.

    Assets Liabilities and Equity
    Cash $ 2,000 Debt $ 10,000
    Fixed assets 28,000 Equity 20,000

    A What will be the price per share under each alternative (dividend versus repurchase)?

    B If total earnings of the firm are $2,000 a year, find earnings per share under each alternative.

    C Find the price-earnings ratio under each alternative.

    D Adherents of the "dividends-are-good" school sometimes point to the fact that stocks with high dividend payout ratios tend to sell at above-average price-earnings multiples.

    Is this evidence convincing? Discuss this argument with regard to your answers to parts (a)-(c).

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