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Analyze Financial Statements of Nike

Using the latest 2008, 2009 Annual Cash Flow Statements for Nike analyze the following:
Operating Cash Flows:
Investment Cash Flows:
Financing Cash Flows:
Overall Analysis of the Cash Flow Statement:

Using the 2008,2009 Income and Balance Sheet Statements analyze the following:
Sales and Accounts Receivable:
Sales and Inventories:
Quality of Earnings:
Short-Term Solvency:
Long-Term Solvency:
Return on Equity:

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NOTE: You can find the financial statements of Nike, Inc. for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2009 with 2008 comparative figures at

? Operating Cash Flows: though the cash provided by operating activities from 2008 to 2009 decline by about $200 million, this cash flow was enough to provide for the cash flow requirements of the company's investing and financing activities. The cash flows from operations per share are $3.59.

? Investment Cash Flows: though the company received more than $2 billion from the maturity of its short term investments, it spent ...

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