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    Cash Flow

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    Cash flows: It is typical for Jane to plan, monitor and assess her financial position using cash flow over a given period, typically a month. Jane has a savings account and her bank loans money a 6% per year while it offers short term investment rates of 5%. Jane's cash flows during August were as follows:
    Item Cash inflow Cash outflow
    Clothes $1,300
    Interest received $440
    Dining out 470
    Groceries 790
    Salary 4400
    Auto payment 344
    Utilities 280
    Mortgage 1,170
    Gas 212
    a. Determine Jane's total cash inflows and cash outflows.
    b. Determine the net cash flow for the month of August.
    c. If there is a shortage, what are a few options open to Jane?
    d. If there is a surplus, what would be a prudent strategy for her to follow?

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